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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Double Dutch Lace Braid

This is the same thing done here, but done on both sides and more horizontal. 
You only add hair to one side of the braid, in my case the hair closest to the part. My parting in the back is not exactly perfect, but no one is perfect.
Make sure that when you are braiding that you are braiding slightly down towards the ear, but not too much. You don't have to worry so much about making the sections of hair that you are adding to the braid square because the braid is going to cover it.
Braid to the end and secure with an elastic. You could add the braids together and have one braid, but I just left them separate.
You could do this style on any length of hair. You could even do this on an A Line hairstyle.
Happy Hairstyling!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Dutch Side French Braid

watched the video tutorial on YouTube from Cute Girls Hairstyles and thought to myself, "I could give this a go."

I think that it turned out super cute! I did hers on wet hair as usual. I like to do her hair wet. I have better control this way. You can do this on dry, damp or wet hair. 

You do need some length to do this style, as you are bringing in hair from the opposite side of the head and braiding. Happy Hairstyling!
Right View
Left View
Front View

Friday, September 2, 2011

Double Dutch Braid Headband

I know I have seen this hairstyle somewhere else in the past on some other blog and it popped into my head and I wanted to give it a try.
Top of head
Part the hair from ear to ear going from behind the ear. Then part this section in half so you have two sections from ear to ear. Then put the hair from behind the ear into a ponytail for now. (It is easier when you don't have to fight with it).
Right view
Start dutch braiding the section of hair in the front, going left to right, braiding as close to the part as I could, only adding in hair from her front fringe area and just regular braiding the strand closest to the part in the middle. When you do this, it almost covers the part and this is what you want to do. When you get to the ear, braid hair to the ends and secure with elastic for now.
Left View
Start doing the same thing with the other section on the top, this time going right to left only adding in sections from the back of the section and regular braiding the strand closest to the part in the middle. When you get to the ear, braid hair to the ends and secure with elastic.
Rear View
Take the two braids and secure with an elastic close to the nap of the neck like in the picture above. If there is a gap between your braids on top, then push them together over the top of the part and secure them to each other using a bobby pin, making sure to hide the bobby pin. I used about 3 bobby pins just to make sure there were no gaps.
Front View
Then release the hair from the ponytail and let it fall loose. And voila you are finished!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

S French Braid

I found a couple of tutorials showing how to do this here and here. The only things that I did different is I did one more bend around the head so it isn't quite an "S" and I didn't tuck the tail of the braid under, I put in in the middle of the last bend to cover the gap between the last bend of the french braid.
Rear view
Part the hair down the middle. I started the braid on the right side of her head, but you could start on the left if you want, just reverse the instructions. I had her hold her head so that she was looking as far as she could to the left, so I could get the braid as parallel to the ground as I could. I only picked up a small pieces of hair from the top and added to the top of the braid, so I would leave hair for the rest of the braids going down the head. Then I just braided the bottom part of the braid regularly, adding no hair to that strand.
Right side
When you get about 2/3 of the way to the left side of the head, you add the sections from the side of the hair, making the braid go horizontal to the ground. When you run out of hair on the side you turn the braid so that the braid is now going towards the right side of her head. You are still going to add small pieces of hair to the braid at the top, but instead of adding hair with your left hand to the braid, you are going to be adding hair with your right hand instead. Complicated I know, but watch the video and you will see what I mean.
Left side
Then when you run out of hair, braid down to the bottom of the strand and secure with a rubber band. When you are done braiding, start to loosen the braids and kind of push them together. Start with the top braids and work your way down. Decide where you want to put the tail of your braid, whether tucked under or added in to fill in the gap like I did, and secure into place. Push the braids together and add bobby pins in parallel to the ground securing the braids together so there aren't any gaps between the braids.
Front view
Sorry about all of the bits sticking out. I try to hide them the best I could, but I did this on wet hair and it is much easier to hide the bits sticking out on dried and curled hair. This style looks very simple from the front, but the pay off is in the back. This will keep her hair off of her face for the whole day. She was in love with it and here sister saw it and was in awe of it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Figure 8 Braid

I found this Figure 8 Braid here on YouTube. It is a really cool braid and it turned out really cute! The tutorial explains how to do it so well that I am not going to bother typing instructions.
Rear view
Front view

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Knotted Bun

I did a post called Knotted Updo linked here. I really loved it and felt inspired to get out my old cosmetology books and look at the long hair styling book. I was so surprised at all of the things that I had forgotten over the years from this book and in fact I found a section in the book totally devoted to knotting and this was one of the styles it showed.
I just did the same thing from my Knotted Updo post, the only difference being that I only did one ponytail instead of 3. I parted the hair horizontally 4 times and then split each of those partings down the middle. So I ended up with 8 different 1/2 inch sections that were knotted.
Then I just rolled them like you would roll hair around a hot roller, going around her ponytail creating the bun, leaving out 3 sections from the middle of her ponytail to roll and stack on top of the rolls I just formed.
This style requires a lot of bobby pins, first to secure it to the head and then to link separate loops together so it won't fall down and out.
Once you get all of the hair pinned where you want it to go, spray it down with hairspray and get the fly aways down the best you can.
I did this on wet hair, but you could do it on dry hair that has the ends curled and leave the ends out when pinning it up to add more loops to the bun. I also didn't accessorize it for the pictures, but you are creative enough to figure out what you can put in to add some flair and style.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dutch Lace Braid with a Twist

I followed the instructions found in this video tutorial here. I just did her braid towards the part on the center of her head instead of the hairline in the front. Then I just put it all in a ponytail and it was that simple. Happy Hairstyling!
Back view

Right side 

Left side

Front view