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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

4 Strand Round Braid

This is my husband's daughter from a previous marriage. (I get chastised for called her my step daughter, so this description will have to do). She has such fine hair that I can hardly do anything with it, so the fancy braids on top is pretty much all I can do because she looks funny with her hair pulled off her face.

See the post called The Braid Encyclopedia for the video and instructions on how to do this braid.

Straight View
Twisted to the right
Twisted to the left
Front View

The Braid Encyclopedia Video

I stumbled upon this video on YouTube. She shows you how to do all of the braids that are possible and it is very informative. She does talk a little fast and it is a little long because she goes through all of the braids in one video, but you can fast forward through it to get to the braid you want to learn. I like that I didn't have so save several videos for each braid, they are all in this video.

Double Heart Hairstyle

This didn't turn out quite like I wanted it to. I should have started further down on her head. I will make a mental note of that. If you want to do this hairstyle, follow the instructions from Repost of June 16, 2011, just do two instead of one.
The one thing that I did different from the post on June 16 is when I stuffed the braids down the middle of the Topsy Tail loop, instead of securing them with bobby pins, I secured them using another elastic, wrapping the braids in with the first elastic I used to do the Topsy Tail loop with.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Elastic Smocking Hair Bun

Today's do was a little rushed. It didn't come out as symmetrical as I had hoped it would, but I ran out of time. I got the instructions here on

*Note to self, next time I do this hairstyle I am going to start with 6 elastic ponytails instead of 5. They started out too thick. I guess if she had fine hair I could do less, but she has pretty thick hair.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Messy Chopstick Ballerina Buns

We went out to lunch the other day at Teriyaki Grill over by the Clinton Walmart and my daughter wanted to know how to use chopsticks. My hubby showed her how to use them and I thought it would be fun to do a style using hair chopsticks. She was really excited when I told her what we were going to do.

My house is in perpetual remodel mode.
I am sorry for all of the stuff in the background.
 I should put up a blanket or something.

I made this intentionally messy, as she does not keep her hair very nice for very long. I just took out the 5 strand french braids I did yesterday and put them in two ponytails high on her head and twisted them into buns, leaving strands out here and there, and secured them with two really big bobby pins that you would normally use to hold a hot roller in place. Then I just pushed the chopsticks in and voila, a messy masterpiece.

Dutch Braids into a Side Ponytail

Went on vacation and had a good time visiting my parents in Montana. Here is an idea my Mom gave me of a hairstyle that she was going to do on my sisters hair and I adapted it for my daughters hair.
Top view
Right view
Left view
Back view
Front view
This hairstyle is pretty self explanatory. I just parted the hair on the left side and dutch braided down and around her head to the bottom left side and I braided a little bit further down than the ponytail. Then I braided the left side down until both braids met and put both braids in a ponytail and put a flower in to finish it off.

Braided Heart

I am doing a re post today, June 27, 2011. I just stumbled upon the blog and she did a post back in November 2010 that is very similar my post Here.

I tell you it is very hard to be original anymore with all of the hair blogs that are out there. I will always give credit where credit is due. I do not want to take credit for any hairstyle that isn't my original concept.
I parted her hair in two sections. I put the top half in a ponytail and used my Topsy Tail to pull the hair up through the middle of the hair below the elastic holding the ponytail. Then I parted the ponytail in half and braided each section in just a regular braid.
Then I pulled the bottom hair into a ponytail and secured with an elastic. This time I used my Topsy Tail and pulled the hair down through the the middle of the hair below the elastic holding the ponytail on the bottom.
Then I pushed the braids through the middle of the loop that I made using the bottom half of the hair. I pushed them up to make the arch of the heart and then secured the two braids together using a bobby pin and pushing it straight down. I did the same on both other sides of the braids, securing them to the hair that looks like it is looped around. I just left the ends free and they blended with the ponytail pretty well. I finished with this flower I made. You could probably finish it with just about anything. I was thinking it would be pretty cute with a ribbon tied in a bow.
This is the front view. I think it turned out pretty good for literally a five minute hair style. I will try and get more creative. Today I was rushed to meet my sister and I did the best I could with the time I had.

Squared off Elastic Hair Headband

Not sure if anyone has done this on the other hair blogs, but if they have and I find it in the future I will make sure to repost this with the link. I am not very good with instructions, so bear with me. If I start to get a following on this blog and they want videos, then I will make one and post it, but for now you will have to try and understand my instructions. Sorry in advance if they are difficult to understand.
First off, I parted her hair down the middle. Then I started on the right section first. I split right section of hair down the middle again, so I will now have 4 sections to work with on the right side of her head. I started in the front, closest to her hairline. I put the section in an elastic and then I split the pony in half and pulled one part down and the other to the left. {It helps if you have two clips or barrettes handy so you can clip the hair that you put off to the left and down out of the way. It also helps keep the shape}   Then I did the same with the pony below it. I incorporated the half of the pony that I left out from the section in front of it and I put an elastic around that section. I split that pony in half again and pulled one half down, and leave out completely, and the other half I pulled to the left again.
Now you will start in the front again. You are going to take the section of the pony that you pulled to the left and incorporate it in to the section to the left of it. Put it into an elastic and split that in half, pulling half of it down and the other half to the left. Then move onto the section below that and use the hair you pulled down from the elastic in front and incorporate it in to that section and put an elastic in it. Split it in half and pull one half down, and leave it out completely, and the other half to the left.
Continue doing the same thing until you get to the last section in the front and instead of splitting it in half you are going to bring the entire section from the front down. Incorporate the entire pony into the section below and put an elastic around it. Pull the entire pony down and do nothing with it. Now you are finished.
I chose to pull her hair into a side ponytail and finish it with a flower. You could leave the hair down, or put it in a side bun, or curl it in ringlets. The possibilities are endless.
You would never know by this smile that she sits and complains about getting her hair done. That's why I am nervous to do a video. I guess the smile on her face is worth it in the end.

My Take on Rosie the Riveter

I was driving home last night and I looked over and saw this girl with the cutest pompadour and I thought "I could do that in my daughters hair." I use to do this style with my hair when it was longer.

This is my inspiration picture. I did the front of the hair in a pompadour instead. I also used a black polka dot bandana because I didn't have a red one.
I twisted her hair up and pinned it as flat as I could to the back of her head with large bobby pins.
This is the top view. I tucked the bottom flap of the bandana up into the knot to secure it. I just adjusted the whole bandana until it was even on both sides.
  I secured this bandana on her head with 4 bobby pins. One on each side and two on the bottom.
I used Got 2 Be Powderful Styling Powder and sprinkled it right on her scalp and rubbed it in all over her roots. {This stuff is amazing! I use it on my hair and back comb it and style it and it stays all day! Usually my style is gone within 2 hours when I don't use this product.} 

Then I back combed a crescent shaped section on the top front of her hair. Then I smoothed out the top as smooth as I could and pushed it forward to make the "pomp" or bump in the front and secured it with two goody hair barrettes, one on each side of the hair of the "pomp". Then I put the bandana in her hair, over the top of the barrettes. 

I think it turned out pretty good for my first time doing it on someone else. It is amazing how different it is doing this on someone else's hair.

Criss Cross Braids for a Hair Headband

This is my version this hairstyle on She does twists, but I am not as comfortable with twists as I am with braids, so I opted to try it with braids. I think it turned out well.

I should have used some hairspray and got the fly aways out of her face, but I ran out of time and had to rush out the door.

Dutch Half French Braids for Swimming

This is just something that I did to keep her hair out of her face for swimming. It is nothing special or spectacular or anything. 

I tried to do a headband type braid with a 4 strand braid and it looked really dumb. It was flat on one side and huge on the other, so I took it out and did this instead. It is just a 3 strand dutch french braid. It held up the whole time she swam and that is what I wanted.

These pictures are also taken with my new camera and I hope they turn out okay.

5 Strand French Braid Into A Messy Bun

Here is a little something I threw together. I kind of had an idea of what I wanted to do, but I changed some of the elements when I started to do the hair style.

I just did two 5 Strand French Braids one starting from the top and the other from the bottom. The one on the top I did pretty loose and the one on the bottom I did as tight as I could. I didn't want you to be able to see the part separating the two different braids. I wanted it to blend. I think I did okay. Then I just combined the two braids into a ponytail. Then I put it in a bun and secured it with bobby pins. My daughter is loving the chopsticks right now so I put them in with my bun. You don't have to do a bun. You could do a braid or whatever you want with the hair after you put it in a ponytail.

Criss Cross Dutch Braids

This is sort of a recreation of last Sunday's french braid criss-cross. I think the picture is pretty self explanatory and shows what was done.

I tried to criss-cross one more time, but we are growing out her bangs and little pieces were sticking out every where, so I left it the way it is. Hopefully in a couple more months I can do this style the way I originally tried to.

5 Strand French Braids

Here is todays style. I just did two 5 strand french braids on each side of her head and when I got to the bottom of the braids I only braided down a little leaving the ends out and then I folded them under and up and secured them with bobby pins. I used a flower as an embellishment.