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Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Take on Rosie the Riveter

I was driving home last night and I looked over and saw this girl with the cutest pompadour and I thought "I could do that in my daughters hair." I use to do this style with my hair when it was longer.

This is my inspiration picture. I did the front of the hair in a pompadour instead. I also used a black polka dot bandana because I didn't have a red one.
I twisted her hair up and pinned it as flat as I could to the back of her head with large bobby pins.
This is the top view. I tucked the bottom flap of the bandana up into the knot to secure it. I just adjusted the whole bandana until it was even on both sides.
  I secured this bandana on her head with 4 bobby pins. One on each side and two on the bottom.
I used Got 2 Be Powderful Styling Powder and sprinkled it right on her scalp and rubbed it in all over her roots. {This stuff is amazing! I use it on my hair and back comb it and style it and it stays all day! Usually my style is gone within 2 hours when I don't use this product.} 

Then I back combed a crescent shaped section on the top front of her hair. Then I smoothed out the top as smooth as I could and pushed it forward to make the "pomp" or bump in the front and secured it with two goody hair barrettes, one on each side of the hair of the "pomp". Then I put the bandana in her hair, over the top of the barrettes. 

I think it turned out pretty good for my first time doing it on someone else. It is amazing how different it is doing this on someone else's hair.

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