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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Squared off Elastic Hair Headband

Not sure if anyone has done this on the other hair blogs, but if they have and I find it in the future I will make sure to repost this with the link. I am not very good with instructions, so bear with me. If I start to get a following on this blog and they want videos, then I will make one and post it, but for now you will have to try and understand my instructions. Sorry in advance if they are difficult to understand.
First off, I parted her hair down the middle. Then I started on the right section first. I split right section of hair down the middle again, so I will now have 4 sections to work with on the right side of her head. I started in the front, closest to her hairline. I put the section in an elastic and then I split the pony in half and pulled one part down and the other to the left. {It helps if you have two clips or barrettes handy so you can clip the hair that you put off to the left and down out of the way. It also helps keep the shape}   Then I did the same with the pony below it. I incorporated the half of the pony that I left out from the section in front of it and I put an elastic around that section. I split that pony in half again and pulled one half down, and leave out completely, and the other half I pulled to the left again.
Now you will start in the front again. You are going to take the section of the pony that you pulled to the left and incorporate it in to the section to the left of it. Put it into an elastic and split that in half, pulling half of it down and the other half to the left. Then move onto the section below that and use the hair you pulled down from the elastic in front and incorporate it in to that section and put an elastic in it. Split it in half and pull one half down, and leave it out completely, and the other half to the left.
Continue doing the same thing until you get to the last section in the front and instead of splitting it in half you are going to bring the entire section from the front down. Incorporate the entire pony into the section below and put an elastic around it. Pull the entire pony down and do nothing with it. Now you are finished.
I chose to pull her hair into a side ponytail and finish it with a flower. You could leave the hair down, or put it in a side bun, or curl it in ringlets. The possibilities are endless.
You would never know by this smile that she sits and complains about getting her hair done. That's why I am nervous to do a video. I guess the smile on her face is worth it in the end.

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