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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Braided Heart

I am doing a re post today, June 27, 2011. I just stumbled upon the blog and she did a post back in November 2010 that is very similar my post Here.

I tell you it is very hard to be original anymore with all of the hair blogs that are out there. I will always give credit where credit is due. I do not want to take credit for any hairstyle that isn't my original concept.
I parted her hair in two sections. I put the top half in a ponytail and used my Topsy Tail to pull the hair up through the middle of the hair below the elastic holding the ponytail. Then I parted the ponytail in half and braided each section in just a regular braid.
Then I pulled the bottom hair into a ponytail and secured with an elastic. This time I used my Topsy Tail and pulled the hair down through the the middle of the hair below the elastic holding the ponytail on the bottom.
Then I pushed the braids through the middle of the loop that I made using the bottom half of the hair. I pushed them up to make the arch of the heart and then secured the two braids together using a bobby pin and pushing it straight down. I did the same on both other sides of the braids, securing them to the hair that looks like it is looped around. I just left the ends free and they blended with the ponytail pretty well. I finished with this flower I made. You could probably finish it with just about anything. I was thinking it would be pretty cute with a ribbon tied in a bow.
This is the front view. I think it turned out pretty good for literally a five minute hair style. I will try and get more creative. Today I was rushed to meet my sister and I did the best I could with the time I had.

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