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Friday, July 22, 2011

Knotted Updo

This is a hair style that I saw here at Babes In Hairland. It is a bridal undo and I tried it on wet hair, but it would have looked so much better if her hair was dry and spiral curled. Oh well... we all learn through trial and error. Note to self, try on dry hair next time, and use pomade to keep the hair together better.
Rear view

Starting point
I put her hair in 3 neon colored ponytails so you could see what I did. I didn't change them, but I should have changed them to the same color of her hair so I didn't have to work so hard to conceal them at the very end.
What each section looked like individually
I did 3 different knotted sections on the bottom and and middle ponytails because there was not much hair, but on the top I did like 6 or 7. When I got to the end of each section I secured it with a clear elastic.
All of the sections all done
I started pinning hair up with bobby pins and I started from the top. I just rolled them into themselves and eyeballed where I thought they should go. I kept out one strand from the top ponytail near the bottom to roll around the ponytail below it to conceal the neon elastic.
Slightly right view
Just work your way down and put them where you think they should go.
Slightly left view
When you get done pinning the sections, take and pull at each strand, loosening the style so it isn't so tight to the head.
Front View
And there it is, all done and pretty. I didn't put any flowers in it, but I should have. It would even look cute with a dressy headband or a bow.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

7 Strand Braid

This is a very simple hair style with a complicated braid, but it is not complicated once you have mastered the 5 Strand Braid. Put the top section of hair in an elastic. Then put the bottom section of hair in an elastic, just to get the hair out of the way.
Rear View
Start with a 5 strand braid {see The Braid Encyclopedia Video that I put on here if you don't know how to do one}. Then when you have added in the 5th strand, add in the 6th strand on the opposite side then the 5th strand, but instead of going under, then over like the 5 strand braid, you will go over, then under, then over with the 6th strand you add. You will have to drop the furthest over piece because you will not be able to hold any more than the 5 strands in your hand at a time. Then do the 7th strand the same way.
Front View
You could even add an 8th and 9th strand if you want to, but you would have to use a duck bill clamp or something to keep all of the strands separate. When adding in the 8th and 9th strands, you would go under, then over, then under, then over when adding each section. Kind of complicated. Maybe when my husband has a day off I could try and do some pictures or a video tutorial of the 7 and 9 strand braids.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Criss Cross Double Dutch Braids

Top view
This is just a really simple hair style to do. It is just a criss-cross braided do. It would take 5-10 minutes to do.
Left view
I parted the hair into four sections. Start with the top two sections only and put them each into an elastic. I used my Topsy Tail to pull up the hair through the elastics, but you don't have to.
Right view
Then I split the top ponytails in half and braided each section until I couldn't braid anymore. Then I secured each braid with an elastic.
Rear view
Then I took the braids from the top right side and put them with the bottom left section and put all of the hair into a ponytail. Then I took the braids from the left side and weaved them through the braids from the right. I did the first braid over, then under. Then the second one under then over.
Rear view with fabric flowers
I just added some fabric flowers that I made and viola, I was done.
Front view

Saturday, July 16, 2011

3 Strand Dutch French Braid Halo

If I had a label called "Epic Fail" the way this looks would fall into that category. The hairstyle itself is cute, just her hair is not long enough so therefore it was sticking out all over the place. Ugh.... I really didn't even want to put this on here, but we should try and remember our mistakes so that we will not do them again, right? 
Back view
I started the braid on this side going down towards the left side and up around the top of her head. The sectioning of hair that I took was tapered towards the middle of her head and bigger towards the hair line, kind of peaked if you will. I needed the hair in the middle of her head to look almost fanned out in order for it to look symmetrical.
Right view
This is the side I hate. I needed to put the end braid that was sticking out all over the place into the braid on her head. I should have used my Topsy Tail and weaved it through her hair somehow.
Left view
This side actually looks okay. Not too many pieces sticking up all over the place. One thing I would fix is I would get the braid a little tighter to her head.
Front view
It actually doesn't look too bad from the front, now if only no one could see the rest of the hair....

Half Up Hair Variations with a 4 Strand Braid, Rope Braid and Elastics

These girls have the finest hair and all of their hair is cut pretty short. This is what I came up with to give their hair a little flair.
Simple elastics because she let someone in her class cut her
 hair and it is just starting to grow back so braiding
it would end up in pieces sticking out all over the place.
Front view of elastics
4 strand braids
Front view of 4 strand braids
Rope braids. If I do this again I will twist the left side
 toward the middle too so it will balance out.
It doesn't look right to me. 

Front view of the rope braid

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

3 Strand Dutch French Braid Headband

I think this hairstyle is so self explanatory by looking at the picture that I am not going to write very detailed instructions, just the basics.
Top view
I started my 1st braid going right to left on the left side.
Left view
I made a deep side part on an angle and went all the way down to the bottom of her hair. Then I dutch french braided the hair and braided all the way down to the base of her hair.
Right view
I repeated the same thing on the right side.
Back view with hair up to show detail
Then I joined the two braids together in a ponytail at the base of her hair.
View of the back with the hair down
Then drop the hair down to cover the ponytail. You could dry the hair and put it in ringlets or put all of the hair in a ponytail if you wanted to. I just kept it simple today.
View of the front
Then you are all done. This is very simple and easy and good to keep her hair off of her face. When she wears regular headbands they fall down and she is fighting to keep her hair back. This eliminates the problem. You could weave a ribbon in the back or front or both to dress this look up a bit.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Topsy Tail Hair Headband

I think this hairstyle is pretty self explanatory. I wanted to do something different than a french braid.
Left side
Take a section of hair from ear to ear. Put the back part of the hair into a ponytail to get it out of the way.
Right side
Take small sections of hair and put them in a loose ponytail. Then pull each elastic ponytail through with the Topsy Tail. Then take the next section of hair and add the previous section of hair to it and put in in a loose ponytail and repeat the process until you get to the last section. {As you go along the hair and the ponytails get bigger and bigger, you need to make the elastics looser and looser or else you will have a heck of a time pulling the hair through with the Topsy Tail}.
Top view 
With the very last section, before I put in the elastic, I released the ponytail in the back and took a section of hair from behind her ear and added it to the section above her ear and angled the last elastic ponytail further back behind her ear instead of over her ear so that the ponytail wasn't sticking out on the side of her head.
Front view
And this is the finished look. I think it turned out really cute and it lasted the whole day!

Ponytail Rope Braid

This is just a very simple hairstyle. I put her hair in a ponytail and did a rope braid.  
Back view
When I finished the rope braid, I ran my fingers up and down the heir to "rough" it up and make it look messy.
Right side
I did this on wet hair, but it would probably have worked out better if I had done it on dry hair.
Left side
(If you don't know how to do a rope braid, refer to the Braid Encyclopedia Video I posted on this blog).
Front view

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July Hair Do

Top Bun view
I had this grand idea of how to make a star and it just didn't work, but it turned out really cute though.
Right side
I sectioned off her hair like a star, so there were 5 diamond sections in her hair and I put each section in its own elastic. I did a Dutch French Braid on each diamond section. When I ran out of hair to french braid, I braided a little further down the hair about half way.
Left side
I put each triangle section that was in between each diamond section in an elastic closest to the point of each triangle top. Then I dutch braided the entire strand all the way down to the end and secured with an elastic
Top Front view
Then I put all of the braids into an elastic and secured them all together in a ponytail. Then I took out each braid and loosely braided all of the hair together in a 3 strand braid, then wrapped it around in a bun and secured it with bobby pins. I put some ribbon around the bun to hide most of the bobby pins.
Front view
This hairstyle was very time consuming and I wish it looked more like a star. I bet if I would have done something different with the triangle sections and blended them more it would have looked more like what I wanted it to. Oh well....

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Basket Weave Hairstyle Variation

This is a hairstyle that I came up with for her to go swimming. She wanted her hair in a ponytail and I thought just a ponytail would be super boring, so I thought I would spice it up a bit. I didn't use any product in her hair as it is not good to swim with hairspray and such in your hair, so it is a little frizzy and unfinished looking.
I followed the instructions Here for the top part of her hair. I used my Topsy Tail and pulled the ponytail up and through the middle to give it that lift. I did this before I started to weave the top sections through the hair.
I pulled all of the weaved hair strands down tight and did a 3 Strand Dutch French Braid diagonally up the side of her head, incorporating the weaved hair strands into the braid stopping halfway, only using half the hair on the bottom part of her head. When I ran out of hair to french braid, I continued to braid about halfway down the hair and put it in an elastic. I did the same thing on both sides and when I was done I pulled the braids through the middle of the ponytail above and secured them to the ponytail with another elastic. Then I took out the elastics and blended the hair in at the top, creating the "fountain" effect.
I moved the hair to the side so that you could see the detail in the pictures above, but this is the back view. I also secured the braids together with some bobby pins and secured them to the hair underneath. I would have finished it off and put it in a bun or something in it, but I figured that she was just going to go swimming and it would get all wet and ruined, so a ponytail is just fine for today.

What a sweet little face. Too bad that she cries the whole time getting her hair done, but then loves the finished look.

Friday, July 1, 2011

My New Hair Color

This is my new hair color. My husband does not like it at all and he said so himself. He asked me if I wanted him to lie to me and I said no. I said maybe it would grow on him and he doesn't think so. He likes me better as a brunette.