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Saturday, July 16, 2011

3 Strand Dutch French Braid Halo

If I had a label called "Epic Fail" the way this looks would fall into that category. The hairstyle itself is cute, just her hair is not long enough so therefore it was sticking out all over the place. Ugh.... I really didn't even want to put this on here, but we should try and remember our mistakes so that we will not do them again, right? 
Back view
I started the braid on this side going down towards the left side and up around the top of her head. The sectioning of hair that I took was tapered towards the middle of her head and bigger towards the hair line, kind of peaked if you will. I needed the hair in the middle of her head to look almost fanned out in order for it to look symmetrical.
Right view
This is the side I hate. I needed to put the end braid that was sticking out all over the place into the braid on her head. I should have used my Topsy Tail and weaved it through her hair somehow.
Left view
This side actually looks okay. Not too many pieces sticking up all over the place. One thing I would fix is I would get the braid a little tighter to her head.
Front view
It actually doesn't look too bad from the front, now if only no one could see the rest of the hair....

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