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Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July Hair Do

Top Bun view
I had this grand idea of how to make a star and it just didn't work, but it turned out really cute though.
Right side
I sectioned off her hair like a star, so there were 5 diamond sections in her hair and I put each section in its own elastic. I did a Dutch French Braid on each diamond section. When I ran out of hair to french braid, I braided a little further down the hair about half way.
Left side
I put each triangle section that was in between each diamond section in an elastic closest to the point of each triangle top. Then I dutch braided the entire strand all the way down to the end and secured with an elastic
Top Front view
Then I put all of the braids into an elastic and secured them all together in a ponytail. Then I took out each braid and loosely braided all of the hair together in a 3 strand braid, then wrapped it around in a bun and secured it with bobby pins. I put some ribbon around the bun to hide most of the bobby pins.
Front view
This hairstyle was very time consuming and I wish it looked more like a star. I bet if I would have done something different with the triangle sections and blended them more it would have looked more like what I wanted it to. Oh well....

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