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Thursday, July 21, 2011

7 Strand Braid

This is a very simple hair style with a complicated braid, but it is not complicated once you have mastered the 5 Strand Braid. Put the top section of hair in an elastic. Then put the bottom section of hair in an elastic, just to get the hair out of the way.
Rear View
Start with a 5 strand braid {see The Braid Encyclopedia Video that I put on here if you don't know how to do one}. Then when you have added in the 5th strand, add in the 6th strand on the opposite side then the 5th strand, but instead of going under, then over like the 5 strand braid, you will go over, then under, then over with the 6th strand you add. You will have to drop the furthest over piece because you will not be able to hold any more than the 5 strands in your hand at a time. Then do the 7th strand the same way.
Front View
You could even add an 8th and 9th strand if you want to, but you would have to use a duck bill clamp or something to keep all of the strands separate. When adding in the 8th and 9th strands, you would go under, then over, then under, then over when adding each section. Kind of complicated. Maybe when my husband has a day off I could try and do some pictures or a video tutorial of the 7 and 9 strand braids.

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