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Friday, July 22, 2011

Knotted Updo

This is a hair style that I saw here at Babes In Hairland. It is a bridal undo and I tried it on wet hair, but it would have looked so much better if her hair was dry and spiral curled. Oh well... we all learn through trial and error. Note to self, try on dry hair next time, and use pomade to keep the hair together better.
Rear view

Starting point
I put her hair in 3 neon colored ponytails so you could see what I did. I didn't change them, but I should have changed them to the same color of her hair so I didn't have to work so hard to conceal them at the very end.
What each section looked like individually
I did 3 different knotted sections on the bottom and and middle ponytails because there was not much hair, but on the top I did like 6 or 7. When I got to the end of each section I secured it with a clear elastic.
All of the sections all done
I started pinning hair up with bobby pins and I started from the top. I just rolled them into themselves and eyeballed where I thought they should go. I kept out one strand from the top ponytail near the bottom to roll around the ponytail below it to conceal the neon elastic.
Slightly right view
Just work your way down and put them where you think they should go.
Slightly left view
When you get done pinning the sections, take and pull at each strand, loosening the style so it isn't so tight to the head.
Front View
And there it is, all done and pretty. I didn't put any flowers in it, but I should have. It would even look cute with a dressy headband or a bow.

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