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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Basket Weave Hairstyle Variation

This is a hairstyle that I came up with for her to go swimming. She wanted her hair in a ponytail and I thought just a ponytail would be super boring, so I thought I would spice it up a bit. I didn't use any product in her hair as it is not good to swim with hairspray and such in your hair, so it is a little frizzy and unfinished looking.
I followed the instructions Here for the top part of her hair. I used my Topsy Tail and pulled the ponytail up and through the middle to give it that lift. I did this before I started to weave the top sections through the hair.
I pulled all of the weaved hair strands down tight and did a 3 Strand Dutch French Braid diagonally up the side of her head, incorporating the weaved hair strands into the braid stopping halfway, only using half the hair on the bottom part of her head. When I ran out of hair to french braid, I continued to braid about halfway down the hair and put it in an elastic. I did the same thing on both sides and when I was done I pulled the braids through the middle of the ponytail above and secured them to the ponytail with another elastic. Then I took out the elastics and blended the hair in at the top, creating the "fountain" effect.
I moved the hair to the side so that you could see the detail in the pictures above, but this is the back view. I also secured the braids together with some bobby pins and secured them to the hair underneath. I would have finished it off and put it in a bun or something in it, but I figured that she was just going to go swimming and it would get all wet and ruined, so a ponytail is just fine for today.

What a sweet little face. Too bad that she cries the whole time getting her hair done, but then loves the finished look.

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