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Thursday, August 18, 2011

S French Braid

I found a couple of tutorials showing how to do this here and here. The only things that I did different is I did one more bend around the head so it isn't quite an "S" and I didn't tuck the tail of the braid under, I put in in the middle of the last bend to cover the gap between the last bend of the french braid.
Rear view
Part the hair down the middle. I started the braid on the right side of her head, but you could start on the left if you want, just reverse the instructions. I had her hold her head so that she was looking as far as she could to the left, so I could get the braid as parallel to the ground as I could. I only picked up a small pieces of hair from the top and added to the top of the braid, so I would leave hair for the rest of the braids going down the head. Then I just braided the bottom part of the braid regularly, adding no hair to that strand.
Right side
When you get about 2/3 of the way to the left side of the head, you add the sections from the side of the hair, making the braid go horizontal to the ground. When you run out of hair on the side you turn the braid so that the braid is now going towards the right side of her head. You are still going to add small pieces of hair to the braid at the top, but instead of adding hair with your left hand to the braid, you are going to be adding hair with your right hand instead. Complicated I know, but watch the video and you will see what I mean.
Left side
Then when you run out of hair, braid down to the bottom of the strand and secure with a rubber band. When you are done braiding, start to loosen the braids and kind of push them together. Start with the top braids and work your way down. Decide where you want to put the tail of your braid, whether tucked under or added in to fill in the gap like I did, and secure into place. Push the braids together and add bobby pins in parallel to the ground securing the braids together so there aren't any gaps between the braids.
Front view
Sorry about all of the bits sticking out. I try to hide them the best I could, but I did this on wet hair and it is much easier to hide the bits sticking out on dried and curled hair. This style looks very simple from the front, but the pay off is in the back. This will keep her hair off of her face for the whole day. She was in love with it and here sister saw it and was in awe of it.

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